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Widely Used Ycl3.6H2O Yttrium Boride Sputtering Targets

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  • where do you find tantalum - samaterials

    Where Do You Find Tantalum - SAMaterials

    Tantalum is a key element widely used in the electronic industries in the manufacture of sputtering targets and capacitors as well as in the medical Boride

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  • yttrium chloride zzsputteringtarget - heeger materials

    Yttrium Chloride zzsputteringtarget - Heeger Materials

    Sputtering targets ; Yttrium Chloride zzsputteringtarget is applied in petroleum and environment protection Yttrium Chloride is widely applied in electronic

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  • yttrium oxide (y2o3),rare earh oxide,y2o3 targets,rare earth

    Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3),rare earh oxide,Y2O3 targets,rare earth

    Yttrium(III) oxide Y2O3 sputtering targets CAS 1314-36-9,Sputtering Targets It is the most important yttrium compound and is widely used to Rare Earth Boride;

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  • yttrium chloride | stanford advanced materials

    Yttrium Chloride | Stanford Advanced Materials

    zzsputteringtarget: Density: zzsputteringtarget g/cm3: Yttrium Chloride is widely applied in electronic ceramics, Yttrium is used in the production of a large variety of synthetic

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  • bismuth selenide (bi2se3) sputtering targets | selenide

    Bismuth Selenide (Bi2Se3) Sputtering Targets | Selenide

    Lanthanum Boride (LaB6 Small Bi2Se3 sputter targets are usually used in labs for R&D work but bigger Bi2Se3 targets are widely used in optics and electrical

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  • vanadium dioxide (vo2) sputtering target

    Vanadium Dioxide (VO2) Sputtering Target

    Description. VO2 sputter target is usually in dark green or blue color. VO2 has a quite low phase transition temperature. Due to the properties could change up several orders, its widely used in sensors, imaging and other electronic components.

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  • rare earth elements | sputtering targets listing 3 | stanford

    Rare Earth Elements | Sputtering Targets Listing 3 | Stanford

    and optical properties and rare earth sputter targets are widely used. Yttrium Oxide (Y2O3) Sputtering Target. Lanthanum Boride (LaB6) Sputtering Target.

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  • boron b target - china - manufacturer - boride - sputtering

    Boron B target - China - Manufacturer - Boride - Sputtering

    Boron t hin film is widely used in neutron absorber, x-ray optics, wear resistant hard coatings, etc. 1.) Oxide sputtering target: CeO2, Nd2O3, Sm2O3, Eu2O3, Gd2O3, Tb4O7, Dy2O3, Ho2O3, Er2O3, Tm2O3,

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  • iron (fe) pellets evaporation materials - lesker

    Iron (Fe) Pellets Evaporation Materials - Lesker

    Iron Fe Pellets Evaporation Materials Sputtering Targets; Evaporation Materials; Iron is the most commonly used metal in the world.

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  • sputtering targets - testbourne ltd

    Sputtering Targets - Testbourne Ltd

    SuperVac® Sputtering Targets. Most sputtering target materials can be Commonly used targets are circular Silicon dioxide SiO 2, Zirconium boride

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