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Widely Used Gesb Germanium Antimonide Sputtering Target

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  • iron (fe) pellets evaporation materials - lesker

    Iron (Fe) Pellets Evaporation Materials - Lesker

    Iron Fe Pellets Evaporation Materials Iron is the most commonly used metal in the world. (requires special sputter source).

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  • germanium (ge (n-type)) pieces evaporation materials - lesker

    Germanium (Ge (N-type)) Pieces Evaporation Materials - Lesker

    Germanium Ge (N-type) Pieces Evaporation Materials. Thermal Evaporation of Germanium (Ge (N-type)) In a deposition system with normal dimensions, a material with an equilibrium vapor pressure (EVP) of 1E-2 Torr will deposit at a rapid rate.

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  • exotech buys and sells indium - exotech metallurgical specialties

    Exotech Buys and Sells Indium - Exotech Metallurgical Specialties

    Indium Sputter Target Indium arsenide or indium antimonide can be found in some semi Indium is a rare metal and is not commonly found in the

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  • the thermoelectrical behaviour of tantalum- antimony


    the use of magnetron sputtering. widely used in thermal sensors of UV–IR The thermoelectrical behaviour of tantalum-antimony-germanium thin

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  • kurt j. lesker company | chrome plated tungsten rods

    Kurt J. Lesker Company | Chrome Plated Tungsten Rods

    Chrome Plated Tungsten Rods Evaporation Materials Sputtering Targets; It is widely used in the automobile industry to form a shiny coating found on wheels and

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  • aluminum (al) clips evaporation materials - lesker

    Aluminum (Al) Clips Evaporation Materials - Lesker

    Aluminum Al Clips Evaporation Materials TORUS ® Magnetron Sputtering; packages, and toys. It is widely used in the aerospace, automotive lighting, OLED,

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  • aluminum hardwares suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and

    Aluminum Hardwares Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and

    Aluminium sputtering target are widely used in electronic (Visit our website) Aluminum Antimonide AlSb 99 lump, chunk Germanium Sulfide GeS

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  • 锑化物靶材-惠州市天亿稀有材料有限公司


    锑化锗, Germanium Antimonide, GeSb 锑化铟,Indium Antimonide, InSb 锑化镓,Gallium Antimonide, GaSb 溅射(sputtering)是PVD

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  • bayville chemical - si/al rotatable sputter target

    Bayville Chemical - Si/Al Rotatable Sputter Target

    Silicon – Aluminum Rotatable Sputter Targets. Si (90wt%) / Al (10wt%) zzsputteringtarget% pure Rotatable magnetron sputter deposition has become the most widely used coating technology for large area deposition. The glass industry has introduced advanced coating technologies as the demand for value-added products for the glass

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  • tantalum, ta metal, sputtering target, evaporation,cas 7440

    Tantalum, Ta metal, sputtering target, evaporation,CAS 7440

    Tantalum (Ta) sputtering target use in planne display thin film coating, CAS 7440-25-7,Sputtering Targets,Products,Huizhou Tianyi rare material Co., Ltd,Tantalum (Ta) sputtering target use in planne display thin film coating, CAS ID:7440-25-7Purity:

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