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Widely Used 99.9% Tungsten Sulfur Sputtering Target

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  • molybdenum sputtering target - zzsputteringtarget

    Molybdenum Sputtering Target - zzsputteringtarget

    Molybdenum sputtering target is widely used in manufacturing LCD and Typical properties of our heavy tungsten alloy (MoS2), zzsputteringtarget% Molybdenum Silicide

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  • tungsten sulfide (ws2) sputtering target | sulfide ceramic

    Tungsten Sulfide (WS2) Sputtering Target | Sulfide Ceramic

    Home » Products» Sulfide Ceramic» Tungsten Sulfide (WS2) Sputtering Target. Sputtering Target. Purity:zzsputteringtarget%, 99 both names for sulfur. It was early used

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  • zzsputteringtarget% lacoo3 high purity lanthanum cobaltate for

    zzsputteringtarget% Lacoo3 High Purity Lanthanum Cobaltate For

    Purity: Above zzsputteringtarget% Size: 1-8inch, customized Application:PVD, CVD, Semiconductor. Related products: GeSbTe target, TiO2 target, ceramic targets. High Purity Lanthanum Cobaltate is widely used in semiconductor and PVD, zzsputteringtarget% purity and high density can be guaranteed. Our advantage is reasonable price with high quality targets as well as fast delivery.

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  • shenzhen sunrise metal industry co.,ltd

    Shenzhen Sunrise Metal Industry Co.,Ltd

    Sunrise Metal has built its business around Tungsten target is mainly used in plasma sputtering tungsten targets are widely used in petroleum

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  • pure metal | sputtering targets listing 4 | stanford

    Pure Metal | Sputtering Targets Listing 4 | Stanford

    Metal sputtering targets are usually made from highly pure metals. They are the most widely used and fundamental Tungsten (W) Sputtering Target. Purity:zzsputteringtarget%

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  • sputtering targets & deposition materials

    Sputtering Targets & Deposition Materials

    We supply the most commonly requested target shapes zzsputteringtarget%: TUNGSTEN and techniques for your specific sputtering target needs by ing us

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  • tungsten sputtering target best quality at lowest price

    Tungsten Sputtering Target Best Quality At Lowest Price

    Tungsten Sputtering Target Product: Tungsten Sputtering Target (W, Purity: zzsputteringtarget9%, Dia: 50±1mm) Quality Control: Each lot of NANOSHEL Tungsten Sputtering Target was tested successfully.

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  • sputtering targets - coating materials - src metals

    Sputtering Targets - Coating materials - SRC Metals

    TargetsTo serve customers better, we supply one stop service for coating materials including targets(Rectangle, Rota

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  • tungsten disulfide ws2 sputtering targets - kurt j. lesker company

    Tungsten Disulfide WS2 Sputtering Targets - Kurt J. Lesker Company

    Overview. Our comprehensive offering of sputtering targets, evaporation sources and other deposition materials is listed by material throughout the website. Below you will find budgetary pricing for sputtering targets and deposition materials per your requirements. Actual prices may vary due to market fluctuations. Contact

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  • tungsten disulfide (ws2) ,sputtering target, powder, garnule

    Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) ,sputtering target, powder, garnule

    This material is a component of certain catalysts used for hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrification. WS2 adopts Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Sputtering targets. Purity--- zzsputteringtarget%. Shape--- Discs, Plate, Step (Dia ≤200mm,, Thickness ≥ 1mm). Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤300mm, Width ≤200mm, Thickness ≥ 1mm).

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  • matsurf technologies inc

    Matsurf Technologies Inc

    Matsurf Technologies Inc is a Minnesota based materials company. We are a manufacturer and distributor of high quality reliable customized planner and rotation targets for physical vapor deposition, magnetron sputtering, cathodic arc, and evaporation; crystal substrate; high quality tungsten/molybdenumantalum heating

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  • tungsten sputtering target | american elements ®

    Tungsten Sputtering Target | AMERICAN ELEMENTS ®

    Tungsten Sputtering Target W bulk & research qty manufacturer. Properties, SDS, Applications, Price. Free samples program. Term contracts & credit cards/PayPal accepted.

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  • sulfur - sputtering targets listing 1 | stanford advanced materials

    Sulfur - Sputtering Targets Listing 1 | Stanford Advanced Materials

    Stanford Advanced Materials manufactures & supplies sputtering materials like pure metals (zzsputteringtarget. rare earths, refactories), alloys & ceramics (zzsputteringtarget. oxides, nitrides) - Page 1.

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  • bayville chemical - si/al rotatable sputter target

    Bayville Chemical - Si/Al Rotatable Sputter Target

    Silicon – Aluminum Rotatable Sputter Targets. Si (90wt%) / Al (10wt%). zzsputteringtarget% pure. Rotatable magnetron sputter deposition has become the most widely used coating technology for large area deposition. The glass industry has introduced advanced coating technologies as the demand for value-added products for the

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  • sputtering targets & deposition materials - semicore

    Sputtering Targets & Deposition Materials - Semicore

    Our sputtering targets come in a wide variety of sizes and materials, including pure elements or compounds and alloys in purities ranging from commercial grade zzsputteringtarget% purity to the highest, zzsputteringtarget99% zone refined Ultra-Pure grade. We supply the most commonly requested target shapes - round, rectangular, Ring, ConMag,

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  • tungsten disulfide ws2 powder less price fast delivery - nanoshel

    Tungsten Disulfide WS2 Powder Less Price Fast Delivery - Nanoshel

    Feb 15, 2014 Dr. Myron Rubenstein, zzsputteringtarget (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy) Nanoparticles of a metal compound, zzsputteringtarget., a metal oxide, a doped metal compound, and a metal complex, are widely used in the fields of chemical catalysts, optoelectronic materials, optical materials, sensor materials, flame retardant

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  • material & msds | super conductor materials, inc.

    Material & MSDS | Super Conductor Materials, Inc.

    Material, Formula, Available Purities, Sputtering Target, Evaporation Material, Crucible Liner, MSDS. Aluminum, Al Antimony (III) sulfide, Sb2S3, zzsputteringtarget% - zzsputteringtarget9%, Available, zzsputteringtarget. Antimony .. Disclaimer: All information provided in the following Material Safety Data Sheet(s) is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

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  • indium sulfide (in2s3) sputtering targets | sulfide sputter target

    Indium Sulfide (In2S3) Sputtering Targets | Sulfide sputter target

    Indium Sulfide sputter target supplier - QSRE. DPSF49ST Purity:zzsputteringtarget% ~ zzsputteringtarget99% Price:$985 (2 Dia. x 1/8) Please click for discount and other size Sulfide sputter target such as Indium Sulfide (In2S3) is commonly used in electronic industries and produced by hot press technique. Packaging. Plastic bag, vacuum seal

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