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New Design Cu2O Copper Selenide Sputtering Targets

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  • copper indium gallium selenide sputtering target

    Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Sputtering Target

    Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Sputtering Target CuInxGa Additional information about design of technical systems: Copper Gallium Selenide Sputtering Target.

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  • high purity sputtering targets - avactec

    High Purity Sputtering Targets - Avactec

    High Purity Sputtering Targets. Hf zzsputteringtarget Sr 38 zzsputteringtarget Al 13 Selenide Sputtering Targets: Al2Se3, Sb2Se3, for many forms of sputtering target design.

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  • iron selenide sputtering target | american elements

    Iron Selenide Sputtering Target | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

    Iron Selenide Sputtering Target FeSe bulk Additional information about design of for commercial and research applications and for new proprietary

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  • copper sputtering targets (cu) - aem deposition

    Copper Sputtering Targets (Cu) - AEM Deposition

    AEM Deposition provides standard and customized Copper Sputtering Targets for sale, 10+ years experience ensures the purity and quality.

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  • sputtering targets and evaporation materials - matsurf

    Sputtering Targets and evaporation materials - Matsurf

    Matsurf Technologies Inc is specialized at manufacturing customer designed rotation, disk, and rectangular metal, oxide, nitride, fluoride, silicide, boride, sulfide, selenide, telluride, and carbide targets for magnetron sputtering, cathodic arc, and eva

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  • copper sputtering target, copper sputtering target

    Copper Sputtering Target, Copper Sputtering Target

    zzsputteringtarget offers 432 copper sputtering target products. New design platinum sputtering target with high zzsputteringtarget% Copper Indium Selenide High Purity CuInSe

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  • properties of zno-cu_2-xse thin films deposited by

    Properties of ZnO-Cu_2-xSe thin films deposited by

    Films were grown from three different targets with Cu2O atomic Properties of ZnO-Cu_2-xSe thin films deposited by sputtering from thin films of copper selenide.

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  • electrical and optical properties of copper oxide films

    Electrical and Optical Properties of Copper Oxide Films

    Electrical and Optical Properties of Copper Oxide Films Prepared by Reactive RF Magnetron Sputtering. rf magnetron sputtering of a pure copper target in an

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  • copper selenide (cu2se) sputtering targets | selenide sputter

    Copper Selenide (Cu2Se) Sputtering Targets | Selenide sputter

    Description. QSRE provides wide range of sputter targets and other deposition materials. We could deliver Cu2Se sputter targets in flat disc or rectangular form. Please us for price quote of various sizes of Cu2Se sputter targets. Indium bonding to regular size or custom made backing plate is available ( optional)

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  • properties of zno-cu2-xse thin films deposited by sputtering from

    Properties of ZnO-Cu2-xSe thin films deposited by sputtering from

    Aug 9, 2016 reflectance and electrical properties were dependent upon the Cu2O concentration in the target and on the substrate temperature. The optical properties of the polycrystalline films were determined by the copper selenide phases present in the films, which allows foreseeing applications as coatings for

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  • copper sputtering target | american elements ®

    Copper Sputtering Target | AMERICAN ELEMENTS ®

    American Elements specializes in producing high purity Copper sputtering targets with the highest possible density and smallest possible average grain sizes for use in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) display and optical applications. Our standard Sputtering Targets for

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  • nitrogen doping of sputtered cuprous oxide thin films  - uio - duo

    Nitrogen Doping of Sputtered Cuprous Oxide Thin Films - UiO - DUO

    work has been to study the effect of nitrogen doping of Cu2O thin films by ion implantation, with the expectation of achieving films with low resistivity. One section is dedicated to the sputter deposition of pure Cu2O films. As a new metallic copper target was installed just prior to the depositions, it was necessary to re-optimize

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  • sputtering targets - testbourne ltd

    Sputtering Targets - Testbourne Ltd

    The recovered backing plate is then inspected to ensure it is within specification, cleaned and re-bonded to a new sputtering target. We also have Aluminium Al, Aluminium-Titanium Al-Ti, Copper Cu, Gold Au, Silver Ag, Silicon Si, Zinc sulphide ZnS, Terbium-Iron-Cobalt Tb-Fe-Co and many other alloys. Applications :

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  • testbourne ltd

    Testbourne Ltd

    Selenium Se,. Silicon Si,. Silver Ag,. Tantalum Ta,. Tellurium Te,. Terbium Tb,. Thulium Tm,. Tin Sn,. Titanium Ti,. Tungsten W,. Vanadium V,. Ytterbium Yb. Yttrium Y,. Zinc Zn,. Zirconium Zr,. Testbourne has a wide range of high purity materials available for many forms of sputtering target design. This brochure lists all major

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  • high conductivity. copper sputtering targets. - copper | plansee

    High conductivity. Copper sputtering targets. - Copper | Plansee

    Impurities in the sputtering targets impair the electrical conductivity of the material . Impurities in the form of titanium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, chromium and selenium are particularly critical. These metals are present in tiny quantities in our copper targets. They are present only in concentrations well below the critical

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  • sputtering targets for semiconductors | products | jx nippon mining

    Sputtering Targets for Semiconductors | Products | JX Nippon Mining

    The sputtering targets manufactured at the Isohara Works are used in various parts of VLSI and ULSI semiconductors such as gate elements (Ti, W-Si etc), barriers(Ti, Ta, W-Ti etc) metallization(Cu, Al-Alloy etc) and s(Ti, Al etc). Among others, Cu, Cu-Alloy, Ta and other special sputtering targets that are presently

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  • study of thin film solar cell based on copper oxide substrate by

    Study of Thin Film Solar Cell based on Copper Oxide Substrate by

    Cu2O at 200°C. 80. zzsputteringtarget Influence of temperature on cuprum oxide thin film properties deposited by DC magnetron reactive sputtering. 85. zzsputteringtarget Reactive DC .. technology in Japan led to many innovative device designs, improved materials zzsputteringtarget Copper indium gallium selenide and cadmium telluride solar cell.

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  • design and synthesis of binary and ternary copper chalcogenide

    Design and synthesis of binary and ternary copper chalcogenide

    Copper selenides, CuSe2, CuSe and Cu2Se thin films have been successfully fabricated from mixed targets of Cu and Se, and utilized as cathode materials with capacities of zzsputteringtarget mA hg. -1. , zzsputteringtarget mA hg. -1. , and zzsputteringtarget mA hg. -1. , respectively. 56. Unlike the Cu2O, however, the application of CuS in lithium-ion battery is.

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