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New Design 99.9% Holmium Copper Alloy Sputtering Targets

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  • uniform target, uniform target suppliers

    Uniform Target, Uniform Target Suppliers

    A wide variety of uniform target options are zzsputteringtarget% Holmium Target | View Scientific research material high Purity zzsputteringtarget95% Cu copper sputtering

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  • uniforms target wholesale, target suppliers

    Uniforms Target Wholesale, Target Suppliers

    Ho Holmium Target | zzsputteringtarget% Holmium Target high quality polo t shirt new design polo shirt custom made men Copper Sputtering Target | zzsputteringtarget95% Cu

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  • buy sputtering target - high quality

    buy Sputtering Target - high quality

    zzsputteringtarget sputtering target. zzsputteringtarget purity zzsputteringtarget% the targets include metal sputtering targets,alloy sputtering target Silicon Sputtering Target Copper

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  • rare earth & products manufacturers,

    Rare Earth & Products Manufacturers,

    Rare Earth & Products manufacturers & suppliers, Copper Alloy , Alloy Steel , Sputtering Targets ,

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  • metal sputtering targets - 38710343 -

    Metal Sputtering Targets - 38710343 -

    Popular Products of Metal Sputtering Targets by Pure Metals metal sputtering targets , copper sputtering target , (industry class,99%,zzsputteringtarget%,zzsputteringtarget%)

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  • facts, pictures, stories about the element

    Facts, pictures, stories about the element

    So it seems like not copper plated but is alloy of copper and aluminum. NobuoHm, zzsputteringtarget% Cannon. This is a These are simply huge aluminum sputtering targets

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  • pictures, stories, and facts about the

    Pictures, stories, and facts about the

    These are simply huge aluminum sputtering targets, showing heavy So it seems like not copper plated but is alloy of copper and aluminum zzsputteringtarget% Sample Group:

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  • aluminum alloy 1145 foil - sam -

    ALUMINUM ALLOY 1145 Foil - SAM -

    Stanford Advanced Materials supplies our customers with high quality ALUMINUM ALLOY 1145 Foil.

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  • titanium - wikipedia

    Titanium - Wikipedia

    Pure metallic titanium (zzsputteringtarget%) and sputtering targets. Titanium tetrachloride (TiCl 4), New York: Reinhold Book

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  • ytterbium - thomasnet

    Ytterbium - ThomasNet

    High Purity Metals & Alloy Sputtering Targets terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, ytterbium, metal sputtering target, ytterbium fluoride zzsputteringtarget% to 99

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  • crm-holmium element, ho,high pure holmium metal,holmium

    CRM-Holmium element, Ho,high pure Holmium metal,holmium

    *** New Website *** Sputtering Targets. Holmium Copper Alloy: HoCu: zzsputteringtarget%: Sputtering Target, sputtering targets . Holmium Oxide.

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  • alloy evaporation materials - stanford advanced materials

    Alloy Evaporation Materials - Stanford Advanced Materials

    Holmium; Erbium. Erbium Metal; Alloy Sputtering Targets Recommended crucibles for evaporation materials Zinc Copper (Zn/Cu) zzsputteringtarget% ~ zzsputteringtarget99%:

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  • sputtering targets customization experters - crm

    Sputtering targets customization experters - CRM

    We also have an experienced research team who have developed many new and special sputtering targets, sputtering targets for DC sputter copper alloy target

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  • high purity metal - evaporation materials manufacturer from

    High Purity Metal - Evaporation Materials Manufacturer from

    High Purity Metal we provide 99%,zzsputteringtarget%,zzsputteringtarget9%,zzsputteringtarget99 Fluxes, Soldering, Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloys, - Sputtering Targets, Pure Metal Targets, Alloy

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  • sputtering targets - magnetstek

    Sputtering Targets - Magnetstek

    In addition to standard configurations we welcome custom design target requests. Alloy Sputtering Targets; Holmium Copper Sputtering Target: zzsputteringtarget% ~ zzsputteringtarget99%:

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  • holmium, ho - testbourne ltd

    Holmium, Ho - Testbourne Ltd

    You will find an extensive selection of materials available in fabricated forms including sputtering targets Alloy Targets; zzsputteringtarget% pure: SuperVac® Holmium

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  • quality sputtering targets | metal sputtering targets

    Quality Sputtering Targets | Metal Sputtering Targets

    Custom sputtering targets are produce base on customer request design sputtering targets; zzsputteringtarget% and 99 and their alloys for various sputtering and

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  • sputtering targets and evaporation materials - matsurf

    Sputtering Targets and evaporation materials - Matsurf

    Matsurf Technologies Inc is specialized at telluride, and carbide targets for magnetron sputtering, zzsputteringtarget%, zzsputteringtarget5%, and zzsputteringtarget9% Alloy targets

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  • sputtering targets(pvd coating, cvd coating)--sputtering

    Sputtering Targets(PVD Coating, CVD Coating)--Sputtering

    We could manufacture all kinds of sputtering targets accoding to the requirement of our Copper (Cu) zzsputteringtarget% ~ zzsputteringtarget99%: Discs, Alloy Sputtering Targets; Item No.

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  • huizhou tian yi rare material co.,ltd - sputtering targets

    Huizhou Tian Yi Rare Material Co.,Ltd - sputtering targets

    Huizhou Tian Yi Rare Material Co Alloy Sputtering Targets: Aluminum alloy (Nd-Al alloy ), Dysprosium - Iron alloy (Dy-Fe alloy), Holmium - Copper alloy (Ho

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