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Hot Sale Dysprosium Iron Alloy Sputtering Targets

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  • sodium nitrate | american elements

    Sodium Nitrate | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

    Sodium Nitrate NaNO3 bulk & research qty manufacturer. Properties, SDS, Applications, Price. Free samples program. Term contracts & credit cards/PayPal accepted.

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  • erbium metal of rare - rare metal|alloy|oxide|nuclear grade

    Erbium metal of Rare - Rare metal|alloy|oxide|nuclear grade

    alloy, Dy-Fe (Dysprosium-iron) alloy Hot sale Tombarthite Erbium metal of Rare Earth zzsputteringtarget of sputtering targets, alloy materials as

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  • terbium iron (tb-fe) alloy sputtering targets - alb materials inc

    Terbium Iron (Tb-Fe) Alloy Sputtering Targets - ALB Materials Inc

    ALB Materials Inc supply Terbium Iron (Tb-Fe) Alloy Sputtering Targets and also provide bonding service with high quality at competitive price.

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  • bismuth dysprosium iron gallate sputtering targets - aem

    Bismuth Dysprosium Iron Gallate Sputtering Targets - AEM

    Sputtering Targets. Industries Optics Solar Electronics UHV/Synchrotron Hard wearing Alloy Targets; Oxide Targets; Sulfide Targets; Selenide Targets;

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  • rare earth alloy sputtering targets | sputtering targets

    Rare earth alloy sputtering targets | Sputtering Targets

    Rare earth alloy sputtering targets. (Cu-Ce alloy), Neodymium – Aluminum alloy (Nd-Al alloy ), Dysprosium – Iron alloy (Dy-Fe alloy), Holmium – Copper alloy

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  • iron aluminum (fe/al) sputtering target | alloy sputter targets

    Iron Aluminum (Fe/Al) Sputtering Target | Alloy Sputter Targets

    SAM offers Fe/Al alloy sputtering target with zzsputteringtarget%, zzsputteringtarget5%, zzsputteringtarget%, zzsputteringtarget5%, zzsputteringtarget9% purity in various shapes & sizes for thin-film coating and deposition at competitive price.

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  • rotary sputtering target,tial tube target - zzsputteringtarget

    Rotary sputtering target,TiAl tube target - zzsputteringtarget

    Zirconium rotary sputtering target Iron Cobalt Sputtering Target . Sputtering targets - NEYCO. Neyco offers sputtering targets high purity, for all sputtering magnetrons, vacuum melted, hot pressed, sintered, high purity materials and alloys, oxides, AZO target , ITO target, Cobalt Copper Dysprosium Erbium Europium Gadolinium Gallium Germanium

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  • metal alloy target | specialize in thin film materials

    Metal Alloy Target | Specialize In Thin Film Materials

    The metal alloy sputtering targets XK produced are including Nickel Alloy Sputtering Targets, Iron Alloy Sputtering Targets, Cobalt Alloy Sputtering Targets, Copper Alloy Sputtering Targets and Aluminium Alloy Sputtering Targets, with purities from zzsputteringtarget% to zzsputteringtarget9%, desired at%-wt% distribution and dimension exactly according to your drawing

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  • alloy sputtering target, alloy sputtering target suppliers

    Alloy Sputtering Target, Alloy Sputtering Target Suppliers

    Alloy Sputtering Target, Tellurium price- Antimony germanium tellurium alloy sputtering target zzsputteringtarget% HOT SALE stock price nbti alloy sputtering targets from

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  • iron (fe) pellets evaporation materials - lesker

    Iron (Fe) Pellets Evaporation Materials - Lesker

    Iron Fe Pellets Evaporation Materials Sputtering Targets; Evaporation Materials; and the iron will begin to melt and start to alloyeact with the crucible.

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  • crm - alloy materials,intermetallics alloy, alloy powder

    CRM - Alloy materials,intermetallics alloy, Alloy powder

    Sputtering Targets. Pure Metals Targets; Dysprosium Iron Alloy (DyFe) Nickel Magnesium Silicon Iron Alloy

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