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High Purity 99.9% Samarium Cobalt Alloy Sputtering Targets

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  • sputtering targets & deposition materials -

    Sputtering Targets & Deposition Materials -

    Tell us what vacuum deposition equipment you are using and we can provide you the specifications you need. We supply pure PVD metal targets including gold sputtering targets, titanium-aluminum, vanadium molybdenum and niobium alloy compound targets, rotatable targets as well as small bench top coater targets often used for R&D

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  • titanium - wikipedia

    Titanium - Wikipedia

    Titanium is a chemical element with symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. Titanium is resistant to corrosion in sea water, aqua regia, and chlorine.

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  • online catalog - zzsputteringtarget

    Online Catalog - zzsputteringtarget

    Click on the element of interest on the periodic table or alloy on the alloy table; an alphabetical listing is also available further below.

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  • expat dating in germany - chatting and

    Expat Dating in Germany - chatting and

    The first and the best free dating site for Expats in Germany. Find and meet other expats in Germany. Register for free now.

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  • high quality zzsputteringtarget% tantalum sputtering target high purity

    High Quality zzsputteringtarget% Tantalum Sputtering Target High Purity

    High Quality zzsputteringtarget% Tantalum Sputtering Target High Purity Ta), Aluminum (Al), Cobalt (Co and jxspraytarget999% High Purity,MASTER ALLOY &

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  • zzsputteringtarget% high purity cofeb target cobalt iron boron sputtering

    zzsputteringtarget% High Purity Cofeb Target Cobalt Iron Boron Sputtering

    zzsputteringtarget% High Purity Cofeb Target Cobalt Iron Boron Sputtering Target , China cr sputtering target China sputtered metals China alloy sputtering target.

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  • china zzsputteringtarget% purity silver sputtering target of high quality

    China zzsputteringtarget% Purity Silver Sputtering Target of High Quality

    China zzsputteringtarget% Purity Silver Sputtering Target of High Quality Ceramics Targets, Melting Alloy Targets, High purity Metal High Purity Cobalt Sputtering Targets.

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  • sputtering targets and evaporation materials - matsurf

    Sputtering Targets and evaporation materials - Matsurf

    Matsurf Technologies Inc is zzsputteringtarget, zzsputteringtarget%, zzsputteringtarget5%, and zzsputteringtarget9% Alloy targets Matsurface Technologies Inc recycles used high purity sputtering target

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  • list of high purity metal targets - goodwill metal-product

    List of High Purity Metal Targets - Goodwill Metal-product

    Sputtering Targets High Purity Metal Targets Alloy target include low purity (industry class,99%,zzsputteringtarget%,zzsputteringtarget%),high element Sputtering Targets List.

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  • samarium oxide sputtering targets - edgetech ind

    Samarium Oxide Sputtering Targets - EdgeTech Ind

    Oxide Sputtering Target with purity of REO: zzsputteringtarget% Samarium Oxide Sputtering Targets. composites under high temperature. Specification for Samarium

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  • high purity metals | page 9 | micron metals

    High Purity Metals | Page 9 | Micron Metals

    High Purity Metals Compounds; High Temperature Coatings; High Purity Metals. Home Page Cobalt Sputtering Targets. Formula:

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  • metal sputter targets - qs rare elements

    Metal Sputter Targets - QS Rare Elements

    Pure Metal and Alloy Sputter Targets. Home; Knowledgeable QS Rare Elements and its experienced contract manufacture could handle various kinds of high purity

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  • high purity cobalt suppliers - thomasnet

    High Purity Cobalt Suppliers - ThomasNet

    Manufacturer of high purity cobalt. Cobalt powder in zzsputteringtarget Distributor of high purity cobalt and cobalt alloys cobalt. Available as sputtering targets

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  • cobalt sputtering target - online catalogue source - supplier

    Cobalt Sputtering Target - online catalogue source - supplier

    Cobalt alloys have good thermal and zzsputteringtarget%: CO009301: Cobalt Sputtering Target, Thickness:zzsputteringtarget, High Purity:zzsputteringtarget9+% CO009400: Cobalt Sputtering Target

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