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High Purity 99.5% Ytterbium Boride Granules For Evaporation

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  • tantalum boride (tab2) sputtering target - heeger materials

    Tantalum Boride (TaB2) Sputtering Target - Heeger Materials

    Tantalum Boride (TaB2) Sputtering Target can be use in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) display and optical applications.

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  • high purity tungsten powder - edgetech ind

    High purity tungsten powder - EdgeTech Ind

    Applications of high purity It is used to produce high purity tungsten target and high purity high purity tungsten powder is divided into Basic zzsputteringtarget

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  • evaporation materials - edgetech ind

    Evaporation Materials - EdgeTech Ind

    Our materials are available in granules, Evaporation materials are available in the following forms High Purity Nickel Pellets;

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  • ytterbium fluoride (ybf3),sputtering target, powder, garnule

    Ytterbium Fluoride (YbF3),sputtering target, powder, garnule

    Ytterbium Fluoride (YbF3) Yttrium Fluoride (YbF3) Evaporation Material Density--- zzsputteringtarget g/cm3 Solubilit --- Insoluble in water, soluble in acid

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  • ytterbium (yb) metal ,sputtering target, powder, garnule

    Ytterbium (Yb) Metal ,sputtering target, powder, garnule

    Ytterbium (Yb) Metal: Ytterbium is a soft, malleable and rather ductile element that exhibits a bright silvery luster.

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  • terbium hexaboride (tbb6) powder, zzsputteringtarget%, alb-b65-2n5 - alb

    Terbium Hexaboride (TbB6) Powder, zzsputteringtarget%, ALB-B65-2N5 - ALB

    Next: Ytterbium Hexaboride (YbB6) Powder, zzsputteringtarget%, ALB Materials Inc is a supplier of Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Materials, High Purity Materials,

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  • rare earth boride-huizhou tianyi rare material co., ltd

    Rare Earth Boride-Huizhou Tianyi rare material Co., Ltd

    Rare Earth Boride Evaporation Material : Granules, chunks, rods, Ytterbium Boride. YbB6. zzsputteringtarget% What about the purity of rare earth Boride ?

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  • zirconium sputtering target zr - goodwill metal-product list

    Zirconium sputtering target Zr - Goodwill Metal-product list

    Evaporation Assistant Tools High Purity Materials Granules, Powders. Aluminum Zirconium Alloy. Purity: Character: Zirconium Boride. ZrB2. zzsputteringtarget%.

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  • ytterbium - thomasnet

    Ytterbium - ThomasNet

    Distributor of ytterbium metal lumps, pieces, ingots, granules, Material forms include high purity rods, ingot compounds including ytterbium boride

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  • borides-huizhou tianyi rare material co., ltd

    Borides-Huizhou Tianyi rare material Co., Ltd

    Evaporation Material: Chemical Reagent: High Pure Metals: Compounds

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