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Customized Yn Yttrium – Aluminum Alloy Vacuum Evaporation Material

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  • yttrium,huizhou tianyi rare material co., ltd

    Yttrium,Huizhou Tianyi rare material Co., Ltd

    Yttrium,Huizhou Tianyi rare material Co., Ltd,Yttrium, YB6Yttrium Nitride, YN Yttrium - Aluminum Alloy, Targets Vacuum Evaporation Material are

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  • aluminum-yttrium (al-y) master alloy - zzsputteringtarget

    Aluminum-Yttrium (Al-Y) Master Alloy - zzsputteringtarget

    Supplier of Aluminum-Yttrium metal material and other rare Aluminum-Yttrium (Al-Y) Master Alloy. Aluminum-Yttrium Metal are vacuum sealed in plastic

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  • evaporation materials - thomasnet

    Evaporation Materials - ThomasNet

    Welcome to the premier industrial Evaporation Materials materials including aluminum and alloys, induction, vacuum arc & toll melting & custom

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  • aluminum (al) evaporation material - heeger materials

    Aluminum (Al) Evaporation Material - Heeger Materials

    Heeger Materials provides online Aluminum (Al) Evaporation Material at a competitive price. custom and bonding services are also available.

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  • yttrium, y - testbourne ltd

    Yttrium, Y - Testbourne Ltd

    Vacuum Evaporation Sources. Evaporation Materials; SuperVac® Yttrium Aluminium Oxide, Y 3 Al 5 O 12, SuperVac® Yttrium Nitride, YN,

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  • aluminum (al) pellets evaporation materials - lesker

    Aluminum (Al) Pellets Evaporation Materials - Lesker

    Aluminum Al Pellets Evaporation Materials When evaporated in a vacuum, aluminum layers It is important to note that aluminum has the tendency to alloy with

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  • metal evaporation materials - stanford advanced materials

    Metal Evaporation Materials - Stanford Advanced Materials

    High purity metal evaporation materials are available at Stanford Advanced Materials. Custom Metal; Scandium Aluminum Alloy; evaporation materials are vacuum

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  • aluminium - sam - samaterials

    Aluminium - SAM - SAMaterials

    Aluminium Evaporation Material: Customized products are also zzsputteringtarget products: Yttrium-Aluminum Alloy (Y-Al Alloy) Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM)

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  • vacuum evaporation supplies - ted pella

    Vacuum Evaporation Supplies - Ted Pella

    This combination of properties makes tungsten the ideal material for evaporation sources. During evaporation, it can alloy with some materials such as Al or Au. In this case, another evaporation source material should be used such as alumina coated boats or baskets. Other materials useful for evaporation sources are

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  • wire - vacuum evaporation deposition wire and materials - ted pella

    Wire - Vacuum Evaporation Deposition Wire and Materials - Ted Pella

    gold, aluminum, silver, palladium, tungsten and nichrome wire for evoration deposition; iridium, germanium, indium.

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  • aluminium - sam - stanford advanced materials

    Aluminium - SAM - Stanford Advanced Materials

    Aluminium Alloy: Special alloys such as yttrium-aluminium alloy (Y-Al alloy) can be provided according to your requirements. Aluminium Compounds: Aluminum Nitrate Nonahydrate (Al(NO)3•9H2O). Aluminium Evaporation Material: Aluminium Telluride (AlTe), Molybdenum Aluminium (Mo/Al), Aluminum Silicon Copper

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  • sputtering targets - testbourne ltd

    Sputtering Targets - Testbourne Ltd

    Sputtering is a proven technology capable of depositing thin films from a wide variety of materials on to diverse substrate shapes and sizes. The process is rep. Advancement in alloying techniques has enabled Testbourne to offer a wide range of targets with particular emphasis on specialty custom fabricated alloys []

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  • materials | free full-text | influence of yttrium on the thermal

    Materials | Free Full-Text | Influence of Yttrium on the Thermal

    Mar 4, 2010 After annealing above 1000 °C the highest hardness is obtained for the 2 mol % YN containing zzsputteringtarget coating with ~29 and 28 GPa for Ta . experiments for XRD were performed on powdered film material after chemical removal from their low alloy steel substrates with 10 mol % nitric acid.

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  • materials | august 2016 - browse articles - mdpi

    Materials | August 2016 - Browse Articles - MDPI

    Materials 2016, 9(8), 710; doi:zzsputteringtarget/ma9080710. Received: 17 The experimental study was performed by means of a CNC machine tool obtaining FSSW lap joints on AA7050 aluminum alloy plates. The structure under investigation is simple planar heterojunction (PHJ) by thermal vacuum evaporation deposition.

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  • oak ridge national laboratory fossil energy program oak ridge

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fossil Energy Program Oak Ridge

    June 2-4, 2004. Eighteenth Annual Conference on Fossil Energy Materials Metal-Organic Chemically Vapor-Deposited Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) for Thermal and. Environmental .. membrane layer of alumina; and a final separative layer of any oxide of aluminum, zirconium, titanium, or silicon. SUMMARY AND

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  • vacuum evaporation method: topics by zzsputteringtarget

    vacuum evaporation method: Topics by zzsputteringtarget

    Method for producing evaporation inhibiting coating for protection of silicon-- germanium and silicon--molybdenum alloys at high temperatures in vacuum DOEpatents. Chao The second approach relies on the depletion of aluminum in the liquid pool at two separate times of the volatilization process. Both approaches

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  • platinum-based alloys and coatings: materials  - semantic scholar

    Platinum-Based Alloys and Coatings: Materials - Semantic Scholar

    Nov 4, 2011 NBSAs are the state-of-the-art material for high temperature, high stress and aggressive environment alloys, with small amounts of finely distributed zirconium or yttrium oxides in the Pt matrix, were . of aluminium (with the added benefit of chromium) for forming the ~Pt3Al precipitates and protective

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  • fusion technology - international atomic energy agency

    fusion technology - International Atomic Energy Agency

    and gamma shielding, supporting the first wall armour and shielding blanket material, closing the vacuum vessel ports, supporting the Microstructural evolution of Fe-C model alloy and Eurofer . Plasma Facing Component (PFC) developments, Vacuum Vessel/Blanket activities and Remote handling studies are carried.

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